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Health and Safety
  • Face masks are welcome but optional in our classes. If you have special concerns about illness, you are welcome to bring your own "Music Together Kit," with items to shake, drum, click, and wave. Otherwise, we will have a bin of class instruments, which will be sanitized after each class.

  • Help us keep everyone healthy by checking your family members' health, and staying home if you're feeling unwell.

  • At Music Together®, children are never required to sit in the circle or expected to conform to an adult's idea of participation. We welcome movement in our classroom, including toddling around, jumping, dancing, etc... Our only request is that children respect each other's space and bodily autonomy. Feel free to ask us if you have any questions!

  • Music Together Eugene reserves the right to modify and update policies according to CDC, state, and county guidelines if new health information and guidance become available.

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